Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MO JIE ZUO * screams *

heelloo :) today i studied ! omg so proud :P science form 1 ! hehehe . but im bored right now . damn lazy to study adi . anyway , later will be going out to eat dinner for KOR's b'day .

im hoping that JAY'S ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED RIGHT NOW ==' then can have the lyrics and i can sing along :P i hear every song , i feel like singing along but i dont know the lyrics , except for Dao Xiang :D . these days have been really talking to rachel ; jasmine ; yenlin bout jay chou . ehhe . every song in the capricorn album is damn addictive lah TT especially hong lou meng zhong <3.ahh style="color: rgb(204, 102, 204);">racheliemei to order for me di :P . and pre-ordering has the RUBIK'S CUBE . IN TAIWAN GOT THE CALENDAR 2009 . TT i want that lah ! ah , now im starting to blame myself why cant i be borned in taiwan ? sigh ):

the rubik's cube which is coming to me soon ~ AHHH ~ :)

I WAN THIS LAH GOD DAMN IT ): all the pictures damn kao yeng D:

running for dinner right now :D


back . :D had dinner with aunty + uncles + cousin . and they came to my house and watch movie with me + eat cake :) hope KOR really enjoy today as he get to go lagoon + mines with his friends . aih .

credit : www.jaychoustudio.com

Capricorn hasn't even come out yet, but it's been pirated, 11 songs are available for download online, JVR Music have not verified whether the leak is real

Every time Jay Chou releases an album, he becomes the fat meat for the Chinese pirates and online download websites, his new album "Capricorn" to be released in October couldn't avoid this fate and was "completely pirated" by Chinese websites, yesterday night it seemed the whole album was put online for download on Chinese websites, providing online people with a preview download. This article is translated by http://www.jaychoustudio.com

Continuing on from "November's Chopin" and "On The Run" which had all the songs exposed by Chinese websites a day before release, it caused the record company to hurriedly push the release one day ahead. This time's album "Capricorn" firstly experienced the pre-order information, the album name being leaked, yesterday night PTT online people discovered what is suspected as all 11 complete songs and song names of the new album on a Chinese website, it caused intense discussions from for and against groups.

There were people who loudly rejected the action of downloading illegally, "It's just about to come out and you put it up, you've gone too far!" Some couldn't wait any longer and immediately downloaded to listen, they even said "Even though it feels like going too far, but I'm really happy to download it early." Fans were outraged by the injustice for Jay Chou, they hoped JVR Music will push the release of the new album earlier, "It's been leaked, don't try to last 10 days, the sales will go down....".

JVR Music is already used to facing rumours online every year before Jay Chou's new album comes out, each website has a different track list, number of tracks and order of tracks. Yesterday reporters called JVR Music for verification, whether or not the 11 songs leaked online are real or not, JVR Music was still cautious, the higher ups at the company are holding emergency meetings on what to do, but we still haven't verified the realness of this, the media supervisor Zhang Lan Yun expressed, the people within the company are already progressing with final verification and handling actions, the soonest an announcement can be made is today on the action to take.

When Jay Chou found out about this, he expressed he was letting the company handle all matters, when he accepted an interview on radio yesterday, he revealed there is a Chinese style song with lyrics by Vincent Fang called "Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion" (famous work by Wang Xizhi), but this name is not among the 11 songs provided online, his generous public announcement act seems like he's using this chance to clarify the names online are fake. JVR Music have also stated that the songs names announced online "Joker", "Palace Of The East", "Nu Er Hong" and "Da Vinci's Canvas" are all wrong.

THEY'RE NOT SURE IF THE SONGS ARE REAL ANOT . good :) then i will still be anxious for those songs . but BAD TT cause those songs are really nice ): . i hope is real lah .! cause im so proud already . blame those people for LEAKING IT OUT . blame myself for cant stand til oct9 and listen to it ): omigosh omigosh TT ahhh ! i dont care , i still love DAO XIANG :D

BTW . I FINALLY GOT A NEW MEMORY CARD :) OH YEAH ~ 1GB THIS TIME :P . JASMINE , I FINALLY GOT IT :D HAHAHA . im damn happy . now i can camwhore + listen to jay chou songs all day ! OH YEAH .

and i got MONEY NO ENOUGH 2 CD from my aunty :D .

running off :)



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