Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's not my NAME :D

They call me " hell " ,
they call me " stacy " ,
they call me " her " ,
they call me " jane " ,
thats not my name :D

hii :D i know i didnt update for like 3758392 hours ;)

well , one second i feel like quit blogging but shaza is right , we blog for the sake of ourselves and not for other people . if people dont visit or leave a tag , so what ? this blog is for us , not for them :D so yeah , i decided to continue with my blog :D

just now , i keep on signing in , service currently available , then i sign in with ebuddy , cant connect to server or server not respondin . something like that , but my msn damn laggy ==' gr .

OH AND I JUST READ F.I.R NEWS BOUT COMING TO MALAYSIA ON MSN NEWS . and they have an interview with them lah .

Right. Any last words for your fans?( R = Real ) ( I=Ian )
You’ll regret it if you don’t catch our concert.
I: We’ll be very sad if you don’t come to watch us [laughs].

eh i m going to regret alredi okay TT somemore damn sad weih ): ugh !! i want to go , anyone buy me FIR concert ticket for my bday and provide transport , i'll love you for my whole life weih TT . im damn serous .

UPSR IS FINALLY DONE :D i dont knw why i say this also , but if it was 2 years ago , i'll be jumping around and scream shitness :) but noo !! next year is going to be PMR . great . ); .

well some people ask " why do you have 2 blogs ? " WELL OBVIOUSLY ANOTHER 1 IS FOR PRIVATE LAH ==' like , 1 blog for ur daily life another 1 , is which u seldom update and thats where u release ur feelings , and therefore its PRIVATE ==' gosh .

and from today onwards , im not going to blog bout school i hope . and im going to blog like this :D as in , 1 point in 1 paragraph . okay ? :)

tuning in : here in my home - malaysian artists .
p.s : 4 GAMMA , GREAT PERFORMANCE DURING GEMA MERDEKA :D : anyone can tell me here in my home chords if u knw ? o.O



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