Friday, September 12, 2008

One Love Undivided :)

helo :D

today in school was fun lah :) after school went to BK with claire . it was so funny . there was time we laughed , and i almost cry , ALMOST OKAY . claire was like , eh dont cry ah dont cry weih ! i was like .. my eyes was teary already but i cant stand but laugh . AAHAH . WE HAD OUR HEART TO HEART TALK ONCE AGAIN :D we talk bout eeverything . friendship , family . :) i finally told her things which we promised we cant tell anyone . and i felt so much better . and claire totally agree on what i said . :) thanks man claire :] we talked bout people & things :D then we were suppose to take pictures . but chew and ian , was busy eating so we didnt want to bother them . so claire will take it tomorrow . then we walked back to school . saw brandon lim and shaza . we talked . then the guys came . then lim went . and claire . then shaza . so left me , chien wee , chew , ian , jh and stan .

when i went to call my mum , cause u knw my hp cacat can only loudspeaker . so i dont wan the guys to hear what i was talking bout so i went and hide behind the plant . then they started to walk away from me . so i was laughing and laughing then stan was like " why is she laughing ? " HAHHAHAH XD . then they went and take my bag . so i chased jing her and he went to primary side , run up and down . then jh climbed down . saw and said " u wan climb down , dont so low ma . should go up to the toppest floor " then he laughed . AHAHHA. ==' then i forgotten i left my purse on top of my books . and stan was like " u missing something " i knew it was with carmen . then my pencilbox dropped from my bag and it became another victim . so i chase them for my pencilbox and bag . thank god my purse was with carmen and gang . :D hhehe thank u for jaga-ing my purse man ! then yeah we went to playground and chase here and there again . ian and chew took tons of pictures of us :D and i can bet its gona be damn funny looking . im serious ==' we even have a storyline ! " finally she found her bag in the jungle ! " kononya . XD after 30 minutes of running , shouting and laughing , they finally gave me backk all my stuffs . then i got to go home :D they were nice buddies to teman me in this way ==' i was pmsing , thank god i wasnt mad . instead i was hyper and laughed like some mad cow AHHA .

p.s : i raped shaza :P



just now i had to off my comp . but i couldnt sleep so i decided to borrow my bro's laptop . :D

niway , after school . i had this talk with my mum lah . i told her bout guitar . she was so amazed that guitar can play such melodies ==' swt right . then , yeah i told her i might be joining talentine and play my own composed song . i sang to her she said its okay its nice you should go for it . and yeah :D she's encouraging me to perform on stage she say , other places i should also perform ==' damn swt . it was so random , and i've never thought she was this supportive . eheh :P she also got give insults lah . like i wasnt pronouncing my words properly and such . sigh . what to do , i dont go for vocal classes =='

niway , im like in CRUNCHYROLL NOW . and and , got L:Change the world now . regretting for buying DVD WEIH . ==' and im watching I not stupid 1 at the same time since mr.ho doesnt want to brw me the cd .hmph . im like watching 2 movies in the same time . cool right ? :P but my bro's laptop speaker something wrong , and i dont have headset TT im like reading the subtitles which is definitely not fun !! anyone got extra headset ? can sell to me ? :D i want ipod headset . 2nd hand also nvm . old old also nvm . as long is usable :) ehhe pm me or leave a tag or something . im seriously buying it . budget less than rm 45 :D

tomorrow's gona be my cuz wedding dinner at klang . :) and and tmrw its gona be NICHOLAS TEO FROM NOW ON CONCERT ON TV . i want watch lah . !! ): its at 8pm but i will be at the dinner already . ahh TT i tink i'll just watch at 12.30am ==' no choice right ? i think the concert should be good . :D

running off : D



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