Saturday, September 6, 2008


helooo :) i cried just now :D i was watching L , CHANGE THE WORLD . damn sad TT .

today woke up around 12 . i watched tv and bla bla . then around 2 something , went out to buy DVD . finally my mum allow me to buy pirated DVDS' :) bought THE LOVE GURU , DEFINITELY MAYBE & L , CHANGE THE WORLD ( DEATH NOTE 3 ) . wanted to buy MONEY NO ENOUGH 2 & LA LINGERIE . but dont have yet . reached home and watched princess hours . then watched THE LOVE GURU . it was kind of boring but somehow , a little funny . but not that funny . after that around 6 , daddy came back from ipoh . around 7 , mum went to ipoh ==' see how that goes , i suggested them to come back on sun together . but no , they are soo worried bout their 3 little kids at home by themselves . ==' damn swt right . then later , sis and i went for dinner with daddy at MANHATTAN FISH MARKET since my bro's at pyramid . came back around 8.30 , sister and i played candles till 9.30 ! :D eh , LANTERN FESTIVAL is soon ! next week or next next week , but still soon lah . then i watched L , CHANGE THE WORLD :D eh damn sad lah TT seriously man , but i dont really quite get the beginning . but still , quite touching . dont get it why some ppl say not nice . ITS NICE LAH ); i knw this movie has been on theaters like ages , but still , i havent watch it before !

anyway , TONIGHT'S F.I.R CONCERT . TT yes i didnt go . i bet's great right now . gr , sue me ! ): hope it will be a blast and those who went , hope you enjoyed it :) i remember i used to be their #1 fan . when their first album was on market . their songs i used to love , LYDIA & FLY AWAY :] then yeah i didnt really like them , not really lah . as in still like their songs . :] . but now in love with their songs . :D really really nice ~ but mum always didnt like faye's voice . i dont know why . =='


i google searched FIR .. and guess what , this was from star-online .

F.I.R. concert postponed to Nov 29

PETALING JAYA: The concert by Taiwanese pop-rock band F.I.R. is now set for Nov 29.

The show was originally scheduled for this coming Saturday but was postponed in response to the call by the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry to support National Day celebrations by not promoting major events featuring foreign artistes and cultures.

Organiser Star Planet’s managing director Alan Foo said he was pleased with the new date and added that the concert here was part of the band’s inaugural world tour.

Foo said the stage design would emphasise strong audio-visual effects with sophisticated lighting and multi-LED screens.

The F.I.R world tour kicked off in Taipei last year, followed by a sell-out show in Singapore.

The concert will now be held at Genting Highlands on Nov 29 at 8pm. Tickets are priced at RM303, RM223, RM173, RM123 and RM83.

All tickets issued will remain valid for the show on the new date. Ticket prices will also remain unchanged.

damn wtf weih ==' serious . from sept 6 all the way to nov 29 . and i was so scared its gona be like avril lavigne that this news is cancelled , so i went to chck at starplanet . but seriously == all nov 29 edi .. HHAHA SHEILA UR BDAY !! XD DAMN COOL WEIH !! sheila and i plan to go now !! XD . AHAHHAA OMG OMG DAMN HIGH SHITNESS .

running off .



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