Saturday, October 25, 2008

fragrancE !

i was suppose to study , but i didnt . T_T thanks to my dear laptop . grrrr .

anyways im so bored . currently chattin with jasmine han :) we're talking bout FRAGRANCE , as both of us are in love with anna sui - flight of fancy ~ we talked from anna sui to dkny to vera wang to CK . xD . we share the same type of fragrance . :D

and and .... girls whose zodiac is CAPRICORN ; CANCER is believed to grow pretty when they grow older ? o.O is like when you're teenager , you're damn ugly , when you pass 17 years old , you'll be damn pretty , zomg . i dont know if its true .. thats what i heard and saw on TV . why not saggitarius , HA HAH t_T

okay im going study :X



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