Friday, October 31, 2008

outing at pyramid :)

* this is my 200th post .

i've finally reach home from pyramid :D and currently eating the famous Amos chocolate chip cookie which i just bought . " the taste that made Amos ... Famous ! "

anyway , today was the last day of exam . Science paper 1 was okay okay . science paper 2 was quite hard for me ... i tink i lost 15 marks ++ di T_T .

after school , then ... went canteen with aliya and may yin to eat . stayed there till 2.30 , then we go change . left school at 3 . we headed to pyramid .

i quickly go buy a flip-flop as i forgotten to bring extra shoe T_T so i was wearing my school shoes but is sure damn uncomfortable . so i bought a flip flop which cost rm19 :) really cheap . thanks to farah for bringing us there . natalie also bought 1 too for herself .

first we went to check movie :) we wanted to watch a ghost show as it was HALLOWEEN ! so we checked . and we wanted " the coffin " . but we chose HOUSE BUNNY instead :D . oh , when we were chcking , we met chien wee . he was alone instead T_T . so we ask him to join us and such .

then we went shopping . and walk around .and shopped . and NATALIE HAS A CREDIT CARD T_T . omg im so jealous of her :X oh , when we were in forever 21 , we saw ai lin and yvonne :) . then then , MAY YIN PIERCED HER EAR .. SECOND HOLE . she was freaking out at first , but she has the guts to ... DO IT T_T . i saw everything . . and i was about to cry for her .. now im so scare to pierce , but ... i want to :D . so yeah . natalie caught a few pictures of the process . and may yin cant eat seafood + nuts .

it was 5.30 . time for MOVIE :) went to buy popcorn , and went in . HOUSE BUNNY WAS REALLY FUNNY XD . its really nice. i rate it 8/10 .

after movie . we went to talk topshop ; mng ; dorothy perkins . and we went to waffle world for dinner :) we gossiped like heck lots of shit :D . it was really a girls day out man ! around 9 something , farah got to go adi . so we went to famous Amos to buy some cookie :) and we left pyramid around 10.15 . then nat's mum fetched may yin home then me :D

oh oh , when we were waiting for natalie's mum .. i was looking at the back .. suddenly ..there's 3 people wearing mask and scare me , they also made the " sound effect " . T_T i screamt when i looked infront and saw them . they LAUGHED ): i know is halloween . my heart pounded like frigging fast .

few pictures before i start rolling on my bed .

topshop baby ;)

sunway pyramid TOILET :D

may yin's sad because her dress cant fit her and natalie is wearing it .

farah sweetie 8D



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