Thursday, October 30, 2008

maths was hard T_T

my day for today started off quite .. bad .. i was in the car ... still at home . dad quickly rushed down to send me off . and guess what he say ?

dad : today what exam ?
me : maths .
dad : what ?
me : * didnt know he couldnt hear
me : MATHS !!!!
dad : hah ... you didnt study yesterday .. sure fail 1 . sure fail 1 .
me : hm .
sis : daddy ask you to fail lah . good lah no need study . everyday go online .
me : uh .

aih ==' what supportive family i have right T_T . tears rolled down my cheeks , so i looked outside the window hoping that my sis wont see it . and i tried so much to stop the tears .

reached school . met may yin when going up the stairs . then saw shaza and claire coming down . they were going canteen to eat nasi lemak . so may yin and i went up to put our bag . no .. it was me , may yin went to toilet to tie her hair . after that , i went to toilet ... and i saw SO MANY PEOPLE TIE-ING THEIR HAIR THERE O.O . i told may yin that the toilet is like a SALOON ! then we went down to the canteen , and had breakfast with shaza and claire :)

after that , bell rang when we were going back to class . shaza and i did maths together :D . then was break . nothing much happened . then .... studied a lil bit of maths . and it was MATHS 1 . it was rather okay :) not that hard . after that was lunch . went down to eat . and then we went over to courtyard and so many funny things happen :D after that , went back to class . AND SHAZA GOT LOCKED OUT OF THE CLASS FOR LIKE .. 10 MINUTES ? then studied a bit of maths , and it was MATHS 2 . omfg . blardy hard weih ==' .  this is for my first time in my whole life that i spent 1 hours and 45 minutes FOR AN EXAM PAPER ! im serious . yeah , then it was go home time :D

when i was in the car , going home . i told my mum bout how hard was the maths paper . she wasnt being supportive T_T . she said i will FAIL too and not know how to do . gr . i tried to explain to her , but she didnt get it . ==' so i decided to forget bout it :)

hellalucha ! tmrw's SCIENCE :D AND ... OUR LAST DAY OF EXAM . WOOT WOOOT WOOOT ~ come on everyone , sing it with me now ... TOMORROW'S LAST DAY OF EXAM :D . I HOPE SCIENCE WONT BE HARD T_T .

anyways , running off to catch up science (:

  • in my heart i still believe that we were meant to be <3.



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