Saturday, October 4, 2008

ichi rittoru no namida :)

its a SATURDAY T_T . tmrw is the last day to rest TT can die man ! after that , school . then stress here and there as exam will be like in .. 17 more days . KILL ME T_T .

im trying so hard right now to quickly watch finish 1 LITRE OF TEARS / ichi rittoru no namida :) . but my connection just wouldnt let me ! is loading DAMN SLOW MAN . sue the damn streamyx TT anyways , i cried while watching lah . is a damn sad show ! is the saddest show i've ever watch . watching a 15 year old girl struggling with her life , trying her best to live and plan for her future , but she cant even GO IN UNIVERSITY OR TO FIND A JOB as she can barely walk properly nor speak properly ); . thats very sad . i wonder how the real life girl can go through all this stuffs with courage ! if it was me , i'll just kill myself so that i wont suffer . hah kiddish thinking . no no , i'm kidding ;) .

anyway , got to catch up with my homework while waiting for it to load . I'M AT THE LAST EPISODE :D WOOOT ~




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