Sunday, October 19, 2008

freaked out . :X

hello . im HOME ALONE ..!

woke up around 10 today . daddy called the house phone the first time , it woke me up . so i quickly ran to pick it up , mana tau ... hung up ==' so i continued to sleep and dream . then around 9.45 , call again . and it totally woke me up so i ran again . thank god i picked that up :) . then i slept for another 15 minutes .

and then i remembered , I LEFT THE LAPTOP CHARGING FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT . * gasps * . then i quickly went to my room ( btw i slept in my sister's room :D ) and go check out the laptop . guess what ? i plugged in the charger , and ....... there's no light coming out . so i thought it was burnt or something lah . so i on the laptop . MANA TAU , CANNOT ON T_T . then i started to freaked out . dont tell me i spoiled kor's laptop ): so so i freaked out . i quickly off the charger + laptop . and went down to watch tv and calm myself down . after 30 minutes , i came back up . and quickly shift it to my sister's room , and try to on again . and guess what ? the laptop charger wasnt PLUGGED IN PROPERLY thats why no light ==' and and ... the laptop can on di :) . this is the second time i kena from all this computer situations . first was my Desktop computer , i keep restart , then it black out . after trying 3 times , finally can :D .

well yesterday night , i did have a bonding session with kor :) i ditched geography and went down to look at what he was doing . he was watching tv , and asked me if i wan mcdonald cause he's going to ride the bike there ( yes lah , he doesnt know how to drive yet :l . but soon ! ) so yeah then he went to tapau mcdonald , and i stayed at home . i worried like shit , hoping that nothing will happen . ( coi , touch wood ) . so yeah then he came home safely . we ate , watched the tv , laugh laugh , talked and such :) then around 12 , mummy came back :D and 1 , jie came back from genting . she said JUSTIN'S CONCERT WAS NICE LOR T_t . but she said jay chou's one still rock :) OF CAUSE LAH , JAY CHOU MAH :P .

my sister was telling me everything in the concert . then she was like ...

jie : jay shud have his concert in genting lor , so he can interact more with the fans with coming down the stage and shake hand like what JUSTIN did !
me : YEAH YEAH . then we wont have to sit so far away T_T . and the stage from the first row is liike 1m away =='
jie : actually genting got invited jay to go genting have concert , but then .. if he have in genting , he need to do for 2 / 3 nights , so the budget will be damn high and bla bla . so yeah .
me : true also ! no wonder that time he at singapore he did 2 nights !

so yeah ): . my sister doesnt want to go F.I.R concert ): aih .

anyway , i need to go bath right now , then eat ;D .

toodles .
p.s : // HOME ALONE SUCKS T_t .



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