Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friendships :D

well , people from 2 beta should know what happen today . yes , lee yoke shan cried today :) why ? cause of her oral marks . she's so dissapointed in herself :D but .. she made this post , and curi curi go online just to thank her babes :)

katie lee ; gan mei yin ; victoria ; eugene goh ; brandon lim :D
thanks so much for consoling me , and you guys actually talk bout jay chou :D which really did make me feel better . and , being with katie , mei yin and victoria is the best . today i just kind of laughed with them for like 15 mins , but when im down , they're there for me , and the even make me NOTES TT . omg ... love 3 of you :) eugene goh , thank you for once not cricticizing jay chou :] . and brandon lim , thanks for your massage .. heheh ^^

shaza ; sheila ; claire
thanks for saying i was the best :D and i hope you guys know how much you all mean to me :) love you babes .

jamie saw jian hui .
thanks for actually enjoying my speech . but i hope you didnt say that cause you wanted me to stop crying ): .

stanley ; ian ; jing her .
is not ur guys fault . and im not angry at you :) but thank you for listening to my speech and i saw you guys were quite happy when i said bout you guys :D . im glad you guys actually apologize . love all of you lah :)

brandon chew . :D
eh , chew . XD . tho you didnt console me , but i saw you were hapy when i talked bout you guys . thank you :) and love you too :D .

chien wee .
tho i dont really know you well / long . but you were such a sweetheart , to come and tell me " dont be sad lah " and actually make some stupid tings to make me laugh :D . you're great lah !

2beta classmates .
thanks for lending me your pair of ears . tho i wasnt that good , thanks for your applauses and actually spending your time on me :) those who wished me good luck , thank you :D .

may yin .
cheer up babe :) dont be so sadd ... and congrats you got 3rd :D and one ting , mrs.k is just plain fucked up :)

others :
people who actually interested to know why i was crying , ahah thankl you lah . i can hear your worried tone :)



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