Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby , before its too late . [edited]

5 more days till school reopens . BAHH . ._.

slept at 4am today , was on the phone till 3am . then sms-ed Sheila ; Shaza ; BrandonChew till 4am :) Then I woke up at 2pm today . was suppose to wake up early , to go AC to meet up with BrandonChew , but i didnt wake up ): he sms-ed me around 11 something to ask me if i were going AC , and I was like SHIT . I TOTALLY FORGOTTEN . and I was dead sleepy , so i had to like ffk him ): sorry brother ! T_T

then i continued to sleep , till Redza sms-ed and it woke me up . So i had my brunch till 3pm . Did some photos stuffs with my sis , then bath . At 4pm , I studied . -.-' yeah , I STUDIED . i was forced . Bah . then did some of my sejarah folio till 8 . And ate dinner :) so here i am :D

7/06/09 . Sunday .

woke up at 8.45am , then got dressed . had dimsum with mummy . Then went for tuition . Ms.Karen didnt come and it was replaced by some teacher , therefore it was boring . Bah . After tuition , came home and packed my stuffs .

Around 2 something , we headed to ipoh :) Reached my ipoh home around 4 something , then took some rest . watched tivo . Around 7 something , left my ipohhome and headed to my dad's friend's house for his son bachelor party . My dad & his friends were hilarious . all pure jokers . Daddy&friends were all from primary school , can you believe it ? their friendship like more than 50+ years . and all of them were there for me since I was young :D :D mum and them click well too :) they were having some stupid love talk which cracks me up , ALOT .

went home around 10 , and bath , slept :)
the moon was shining really bright that night , and the sky was starry :D just enjoyed the view , was practically staring at the sky , on the way home .

08/06/09 . Monday .

woke up around 10 something , cause daddy woke me up . Bath , got dressed and yada yada . left around 12 something , went to a restaurant and had brunch :) my dad's friend , went fishing , so he caught 4 fishes . and .. asked the restaurantboss to cook 2 of it :D :D this is why i love ipoh ! everytime i go ipoh , I'LL GET TO EAT NICE FISH . HEHEHE . :P daddy's friend promised me he'll bring me go fishing , IF ONLY I GET 7A'S ): i want to try to go fishing ! after brunch , headed back home . watched tivo , ate KFC and took a nap .

around 5pm , bath , got dressed , and everything . left home around 6 , and headed for the marriage dinner :D that dinner was rather okay . was gossiping with my mum . Daddy&friends were drunkards . One of his friends , were drunk , and scolded us , cause we didnt eat . HAHAH but in a funny way :) i love daddy&his friends when they're drunk :D :D they're scary but funny .

left around 10 , and headed to cousin's new home . looked around , and daddy brought his whole bunch of friends to my cousin's home , and they continued to drink , talking crap . AHHA :P and my cousin's wife , looks like SHEILA'S MUM 0.0 whenever i look at her , it reminds me of sheila . AHHA .

left his house around 11 , reached home at 11.30 . watched tivo , brushed teeth , yada yada , slept :)

the moon was round & bright that night too . couldn't take my eyes off the moon :D

09/06/09 . Tuesday .

Woke up around 11 something , was really tired . Ate KFC for breakfast . Kor tapau-ed . then packed my stuffs , bath and yada . Around 12 , we left Ipoh , and headed back to KL :)

Reached home around 2.30 , home sweet home . watched tivo , bath , then had a talk with mum about problems , then we slept :) woke up around 6 . watched more tv , and went online :D

okay . i've updated :) anyways , got this from SOMEWHEREOVERTHERAINBOW . :)

It was about a girl who died in a car accident.

She was on her way to meet this guy, who was in love with her for roughly 3 years. Today was the day he was going to tell her he loved her. About the same duration i've liked a girl :D She was on the highway, she was driving at a slow pace because she was on the phone with a client. She stopped at the trafic light as it turned red. When it turned green, she shifted her gear to D and accelerated not knowing that a trailer was jumping the red light. The trailer hit her small Mini Cooper. She died on the spot as a metal bar punctured her heart.

1 year later, that man went on a reality dating show, not to look for a new relasionship but to bring awareness unto people. Today was the anniversary of her death. He was angry at himself for such a long time because he did not have the guts to tell the girl he loved that he had loved her. He was afraid he was going to be rejected. Rejection is nothing! When you like a girl tell her how you really feel. So what if you get rejected? As long as the girl that you hae loved for so very long knows that someone out there really cares about her. I felt so sad reading the end.

that is so true ! if you like a girl , just tell her how you feel . you will never know whether you'll be rejected anot . the girl might like you too , ya know . baaahh . konon guys are brave . i call them coward . no offence .



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