Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm so over it .

school's in 2 days , yeah , thats when torture starts :)

i think school life will be a lil more hectic when school starts . because we'll be more focus on PMR , and 2nd monthly test will be next month , which is pretty quick . i think i won't be going online that often anymore , need to buckle up my studies :D

anyways , have been twitter-ing the whole day . so people , FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER :) :) i won't be updating my blog that often anymore unless i have something to blog about . so yeah that's pretty much . you can click on " follow me on twitter " , at my right-side bar :D
to follow me :)


I'm so over it
I've been there and back,
changed all my numbers and just in case your wondering
i got that new I'm a single girl swag,
got me with my girls and we're singing it.
na na na na na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye ~
thanks philippe for downloading that song for me !
i've been trying so hard to download that song ):

tuning in : goodbye - kristinia debarge



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