Friday, June 12, 2009

Four Movies On 5thJune :)

since i've nothing to blog about , so let's blog about my movie marathon , last week :)

05/06/09 .

Planned to wake up around 9am , but i sms-ed MayYin , and asked what time she's leaving , she said 10.15-10.30 , so I was thinking .. ah , i shall wake up at 10 . I needed some sleep . then , i fell into my dreams , AND DAAAMMN , its a really nice dream ! i was tinking bout him ): then someone called , and i thought it was my alarm , but it was a call .

me : hmmm ?
may : i'm leaving my house now .
me : WWHHHAAT ?! omg , may yin , i just woke up !
may : you serious ?
me : yeaaahhh . im going to bath now , sorrryy !

I was swearing the shit out of me , and quickly grab some clothes , and bath . Got dressed and everything . Went down , and asked my bro to fetch me to OU like right away . Didn't even have the time to tell my mum where I was going , just gave her a call .

Reached Ou around 10.30 . Was earlier than may yin . Waited for her like 5 minutes . :) Then went up to GSC and bought tickets . The lady was so surprised that we bought 4 movies , HAHA . she was like " still got some more ? 0.0 "

anyways , after buying , we went down , to get AuntieAnne's as both of us haven't get our breakfast . Bought , and then went up for movie . Wanted to get popcorn , but didn't . We were so early for the movie ! Even before the advertisements started . Monsters Vs Aliens was rather okaaayy :) Didn't know Reese Witherspoon was the voicing .

After Monsters Vs Aliens , went over to old wing . Went to Popular and did some book shopping :) then to Machinese , cause my iPod was .. retarded . After that , chilled at McD , and had some talking time . We were like late for the next movie ..

Hannah Montana : The Movie was our second . I cried like 3 times , first was when TaylorSwift sang Crazier , then .. Miley with her .. conflicts , and last was when she sang TheClimb . I was damn emotional , and there was alot of stuffs in my head that time , so yeaahh .

After that , we went to eat our lunch at Waffle World :) and we had some bonding time . told her some stuffs , and she told me hers . Ate , yada . And she saw a friend of hers , WHICH I THOUGHT IT WAS A GUY 0.0 but no , she was actually a girl . HAHAH . Then we went over to MPH , since I wanted to buy a book to read . Was suppose to buy a book but MayYin said come back later .

17 Again was our third , before that , she wanted to go toilet , and a group of girls were lining up . so we waited for a long time , and I was like " OMG FASTER LAAAHH 0.0 I DONT WANT TO MISS ZAC EFRON LAAAHH T_T " . But , we were right on time :) The movie havent even started . I was so scared to sit at the end , so I asked May to switched , and damn . it was a .. bad decision . THE GUY NEXT TO ME SMOKES 0.0 so whenever he breathes in or out , i could smell it . Anyways , 17 Again , was funny :D and it's a good movie ! Zac Efron , HOT HOT T_T

After that , we went to MPH , and I decided to buy magazines instead of a storybook , yada yada . Then we lined up for popcorn :) Bought alot of food :D :D eh , that was our dinner ! and finally , Mayyin got to eat popcorn !

Night At the Musuem 2 was our last movie . It was really funny ! Ben Stiller & Amy Adams ! Like them both :) Jonas Brothers also were voices there ! they sang lovebug :D :D it was a good show , good show .

After our movie , we went over to old wing , since my mum wanted me to buy stuffs for her :) then bought food for my sister , went to PohKong cause Mayyin wanted to buy earring . Around 9.15 , my mum came and fetched us :D dropped mayyin at her home .

yeah , that was my movie marathon day :D before this movie marathon , was a movie marathon like 3 years ago with Swei ! T_T and we only watched 2 movies i think :)



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