Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day ;)

daddy ,

i totally forgotten that today was daddy's day , till Rizki told me at 12 something , and i panicked shit , cause .. I WAS PLANNING TO DO SOMETHING FOR HIM ! BUT PLAN FAILED -_-

woke up at 8.50am today. went to eat tau-foo-faaa for breakfast with mummy. LEFT MY PENCILBOX AT THE RESTAURANT CAUSE I WAS DOING MY TUITIONHW . CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ! i was THAT CARELESS ): didn't realise till i went for tuition . started to call mum during tuition to tell her that, but she didn't have her phone with her , so .. after tuition , pityplease-d my mum to get it back for me :D :D

reached home. and i stuffed myself with LOTS OF LOTS OF FOOD :D ate wantanmee ; chicken rice ; LONGAAAN ! while watching C.S.I . I swear i still wasn't full that time , but if i keep eating , I could even have finished my bro's food ;)

around 5pm , my sis bought MCD . and i started to eat eat eat :D and then , went to TropicanaCityMall for dinner :D SanFransiscoSteakhouse. it was a good bonding time with fam'ly . I'm still a daddy's little girl ! he had to cut my T-Bone into pieces for me , damn it . My whole family were talking bout IPHONE ! i was trying to persuade my dady to buy me an itouch , but he insisted on 7A's . Saw Su-Mae and her family eating dinner there too ;)

thanks so much for everything ,
you've never failed to be a hero in my life!
and to repay you,
i promise you,
i'll get 7A's for you!!!
but you have to get me an itouch lah if i do :P



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