Thursday, June 4, 2009

You're not sorry .

Today was just boring .

Woke up around 2 something , cause yst i was really dead tired and couldn't really sleep . Bath once I woke up , just had the urge to be really clean out of a sudden . Then , had brunch . And helped mum with some chores without been asked :) was really proud of myself . Watched tivo & BrideWars . Got my tears out , cause i was thinking if that will happen in 10 years time , my best friend & i . I guess you'll get to find that someone who will stand by you no matter what .

I have been taking quizes from Facebook minutes ago . yeah nuisance . i know , but i'm pretty bored right now .

anyways , to Shaza Hazwani :

yyoo babbee !
have fun kat Johor okaaay ?
saya akan miss you ,
rindu you ,
cinta you banyak banyak :)
take care aaiiite !
and tell your boyfie ,
i say heeello :D

to Claire Cosset :

babe ,
have fun at your church camp & Bangkok aite ?!
you better be !
whole week not getting to see you anymore till school starts .
take caareeee !
and tell me all about it after u're back :)
i love love you so mucch !
going to miss you like hell :]

to Carissa Yuen :

seexaaaayy ,
have fun at your Tanjung Jara aite !
finally that day has come right ?
i'll miss talking to you so muchh !
there's nobody to talk with bout pillow already ):
shaza & you are going to be away ! baahh
i'll update you bout pillow after u're back ,
prolly i'll be over him when you're back ,
and surprise you with a new crush :P
take care ,
love loveee youu !

MayYin & ShaoWei will be back from Vietnam today . Mostly all my friends will be out . I'll be heading back to Ipoh on Monday , for my dad's friend's son marriage :) and stay overnight for a day . useless , i know . Wanted to sleepover at Claire's during that day , but Claire will be off to Bangkok . Sucks ):

You can tell me that you're sorry ,
but I don't believe you like i did before ;



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