Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fly with me :)

i'm leaving to Ipoh tomorrow :D and ... i guess my blog will be dead till Tuesday , i'm sorrry :)

to Sheila Lee :

babe , are you going to genting ?
i'm not sure if you are
but anyway , just take care aite !
and have fun whereever you are ,
will talk to you soon alright !
i'll miss you so so much !

byeeeeeeee ,
loveeee you :)

will be going offline soon , and won't be able to go online till Tuesday i guess . Will be going tuition tmrw in the morning , and now , gotta pack my stuffs for tomorrow .

gotta bounce .
byeeeeeeee :)

if its you and me forever ,
if its you and me right now ,
that'd be alright ;



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