Thursday, June 25, 2009

we're going up but the place is slowing down.

school's pretty fun these days ;) with awesome CLASSMATES! and LUNCHOBUDDIES!

yesterday , we were given free masks , and it was compulsary for students to wear. so we did ;) but today, noone wore -_- i was so lazy to buy a new one , as we have to purchase it for 1 buck .

Stanley gave us free thermometer :D :D and i checked my body temperature . 36.5. i'm relieved.

yesterday , leo , we had an AMAZING RACE ! it was pretty fun , but was really sad that we couldn't win. i was really hoping that we could win though. but next 2 weeks , we'll continue ;)

i'm off to do something now ,
then sleep .
blardy hell.
im so moodless -_-



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