Saturday, June 6, 2009

Butterfly , fly away ,

I'm like so down right now . pfft . i'll prolly update bout my movie marathon nxt week or something . will be heading to ipoh tmrw , will be back on tuesday .

listening to Butterfly , fly away - MileyCyrus & BillyRayCyrus . it's just a sad song :)

suppose to go out with mum for this dinner thing at a temple , but ... naaah , not in a mood for that . but i just feel terrible guilty . aaaahh .

why is everything crushing down on me ?


just finished watching " he's just not that into you . " . and after watching that , i told myself not to be emo , and that show really gave me a good lesson :)

i was dumb enough to think that you're different from the others . and it's true , i have never had this feelings on any other guys for a long time . I was just pure stupid , thinking that you like me or some crap . Yeah , i'm prolly that dumb for falling for a guy like you . I don't care if you talk to me now or not . i won't be crying over you anymore i guess , cause you don't even worth any tears of mine . If you want me , you'll come and get me .

Every morning , waking up from my sleep , i'll check my phone , and thinking that you'll POSSIBLY message me in the morning , but .. when i see that's not happening , whatever . From this day onwards , im not going to think about you anymore . I'm never going to complain to my girls bout you not talking to me anymore , although I still have a winzy feelings for you , but whatever man . You screwed it . Bah :)

Sheila ; May Yin ; Shaza ; Carissa ; Claire . I don't like him anymore :D :D okay maybe a lil , but yeaahh ! :) btw carissa & shaza , forget bout pillow :)

if a guy wants a girl , he'll make it happen no matter what ;



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