Friday, June 19, 2009

I'd come for you.

haven been blogging lately , because .. i don't know what i should blog about .

but i'll blog bout my Saturday this week :)

woke up at 7.45 , bathed , and changed into my ChoirCostume . then make up , yada yada .

reached school around 8.45 , was kind of late . Then later went to the toilet , to apply mascara and put on our hairband :D around 10.30 ? we went to the backstage , and waited for our turn . and , my toe nail came out ! T_T cause i accidentally kicked the table edge , and yeah , my toe nail came out :\ it hurt ):

around 10.45 , we performed :D :D we sort of screwed up at 'thank you for the music.' we missed out ' SO I SAY ' . HAHA , then we were suppose to sing a birthday song for TanSri , but some of them , left the stage . HAHAH , cause Kenric forgotten that we have to sing the birthday song . but they came back . twas, FarahArdlina& Jean-ni kept laughing at the back . and after the performance , all of us laughed like hell. gonna miss choir practice :) gona miss singing " this train. " gonna miss bitching / gossiping / boytalk sesson with FarahA;Jean-ni;Rekha;Sheila&Claire .

Sheila&I headed over to Claire's right after. We watched some videos ; sang abit ; laughed ALOT :D another happening stuff , her toilet curtain , suddenly dropped when i just pulled it 0.0 and we tried to put it back , but keep failing . AHAH then her maid to the rescue :)

and at 12 , her daddy bought McD for us ! we had like some food fiesta cause we had alot of food . MWAHAH , we were damn full :) i bet Claire was . She couldn't even get up !! tsktsk.

we helped Claire to pick her outfit since she's having a dinner tonight , but she keeps claiming that " we were trying to make her look ugly " SO NOT CLAIRE ! i just wanted to see how that checkered dress look on you & the pregnant dress ! HAHAHAHA

Around 3.30 , i left home :)



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