Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Outing at pyramid :)

okay , this post is for real ;)

Woke up at 10am , cause my sis woke me up and asked me what time I was going to pyramid and asked me if i could go there early since she was fetching . Called Shaza&Carissa up , to ask them come early . Bath , got dressed up , watched tivo , ate breakfast .

Around 11.30 , left the house , and headed to pyramid . Met with Shaza&Carissa . Then went to get credit for myself . And went to toilet , then to MCD . ate , then the guys came . Alastair , Redza & Hariz . Was pretty bored there , so Carissa and I went to walk around for a little :) then after MCD , went for Dreamworld , a.k.a , lala-land , as the guys call it . Took pic with shaza's cam , and the guys were playing AirHockey , it was funny .

Headed for movie after that . Terminator Salvation was ze' bomb . Carissa and I were so kan-chiong , and we were like so sad , cause we heard that JohnConnor is going to die . Damn you Hariz . I cried at the kan-chiong part . Where JohnConnor almost died , but MarcusWright saved him :) ChristianBale & SamWorthington , is damn hot in that movie . *AHH , can drool :) *

Then , we wanted to go to the toilet , but it was really packed . Then we went over to Popular as I needed to get correctiontape for bro . We checked out Galaxiemag , and we left Carissa at the mag section since she wanted to read more . So Shaza teman-ed me to get correctiontape , and I got some workbooks for me to do next week :) I bet if my mum knew that I bought some workbooks , she'll proud of me . Going outing , still can think of studying :P

Then , we went for some MovieFestivalContest , cause we saw Razif & Redza there . They were trying to win 2 tickets , AND THEY DID :D they danced and everything . Shaza was being a sweetheart , she striked a pose , and she got me HANNAHMONTANA:MOVIEPOSTER :) i love love her :) shaza & MileyCyrus . heh , then Shaza & I played the " Propose ; Marriage ; Divorce " game . It was a crapless game , but it was fun . Shaza & I got second , we could have won 2 tickets ): but tak pe lah , I HAVE TERMINATOR SALVATION poster ! Can stare at ChristianBale now :) :) Carissa was being such a coward , DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY WITH ME ); bahhh :\

We left cause it ended . Bumped into Chein Wee , and he hung around with us :) then went to Shins just to get a showercap for Carissa's mum . Alastair left then . Went over to SakaeSushi since the guys were hungry . I asked the waiter if it was halal , cause I couldn't find any halal sign oakaaay ! and shazadear wanted to eat :)

me : erhh ... are you halal ?
waiter : I can't be halal , but the food here is halal .
* i was tinking what that mean , cause i didnt realise that i asked if he was halal . so yeaahh . I told everyone of them cause i got it after that . HAHAHHA *

Shaza left right after her Pepsi came and she was waiting for damn long . AHAH , Hariz left before her . it was only left , Chein Wee ; Carissa ; Redza and me . We ate ; talked and everything :) then Chein Wee went to meet up with his dad . Carissa with her mum . Redza and i . then we bumped into Nina ; Dylan ; Megat ; Leon & his friends :) Redza left , and joined Nina for a while . then she had to leave . Met up with Carissa&her mum cause i was alone ): It was nice talking to her mum :) SHE THOUGHT I WAS STANDARD 6 T_T

i'm so lazy to post up pics .
Shaza'sAlbum .
click that :)

btw shazadearie ,
i'm so lazy to take a pic of the poster .

when you're lost in the dark ,
when you're out in the cold ,
when you're looking for something that resembles your soul ,
when the wind blows your house of cards ,
i'll be a home to your homeless heart ;



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