Monday, April 27, 2009

How should we say our goodbyes ?

credit : Brandon Chew for writing the top picture :)

Srikl's Charity Dinner 2009
everyone who wish to go , can kindly get your tickets from ..
me or any other srikl leo members :)
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woke up at 12pm today . had cramps . didnt really had appetite to eat breakfast T_T bah .

jie woke me up at 7 today for school :)

jie : eh yokeshan better wake up now !
me : why ?
jie : for school laaahh !
me : i no school !
jie : why ?
me : holiday lah . after sports day !
jie : ceh you never tell me also .

went online after waking up :) and i spent my time infront of this laptop for 5 hours already T_T

things im going to do starting from today ? :D

1) STUDY HARDER ! yes , and pay more attention in class , do my homework and everything ! I need to start opening my books and study . exams are in 2 weeks T_T kill me . this reminds me I HAVENT DO MY HOMEWORK YET T_T

2)use lesser computer ! i should stop going online ! cause online just waste my time ! and it just tires my eye . oh well .

3)BE FAIRER T_T i need to be fairer . i never like being dark T_T okay lah dark abit nice lah , but not until so dark now ): ): i need to tone up ! my thighs and my leg is like double tone now ! EFFING GOD ! and my neck to my body has triple tone ! pfftt . since sports day is now over , so yeah !

4)Start taking care of my pimples on my face T_T my pimples are growing more , and i hate it ! grrr .

5)Get myself a dress for Charity Dinner '09 :) can't wait ! that's after exam . buhoo ):

oh well :)thats all i can find . I should post up sport's day pictures next time , cause im using bro's lappie as i dont want to drown his computer with my pictures :D go check out sriklians facebook !

how should we say our goodbyes ?
should we laugh or cry ?



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