Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i took your words and walked away.

i've been sick for 2 days. and now, i'm still having cough. but no more fever ;)

heard that almost all LEO BOD'S are sick though. Shaza ; BrandonChew ; Brenda Ong ; Ryan Yee ; Francis ; Rizki ; and even Yuan Ting a.k.a PRESIDENT! were sick too . oh my. thank god, mostly all of us are feeling better now. :D at first, i seriously thought it was H1N1, cause, we were sick , at THE SAME TIME! and we went for Leo Installation together. but, i guess it isn't true. ;) hope all LEO BOD's will get well soon aite!

anyways, i slept for 23 hours yesterday ! since 2pm , till today 1pm. i was totally dead. didnt have energy at all. i didn't even eat, bath, go to toilet.. only woke up a several times to eat medicine/ drink water/ text for awhile. then today, i almost passed out when i was bathing.. but i quickly went to the bed to lie down for a while. quickly ate after that. was feeling much better.

i might be going school tomorrow :D YAY! i miss all my friends at school!

i guess you've gave up on me, and on our love. so , i can't do anything right now. I prolly can't let this feeling end now. cause i'm still in love with you. but now, i have to learn to let you go, like you did. like how you let me go, but you did it in a harsh way. you never bother to fix our relationship. you chose to run away, and never replied any of my messages. it could be my fault for putting our relationship at a risk, but.. i've done everything i could to save this. you were the one who let it go, and i don't blame you. i blame myself for fucking getting . but just so you know, i still love you, and i'm sorry for everything i've done, in making your life worse.

this few weeks, have been a hectic one. and practically, JULY's the worst month ever.thank god, july is coming to an end right now. my parents had some arguments, school was a bitch, i lost my boyfriend, i had the worst night of my life.


mello said...

I KNOW RIGHT. Somehow July felt never-ending to me. GOODBYE JULY!


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