Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get up and go,

take a chance and be strong.

*if you're not a BLG fan, you can leave :)

MartinJohnson is one of the best singer, that you can hardly find. He's such a sweetheart. Really, and i mean it. His recent posts was for us, his fans, BLG fans. And, i actually teared up, while reading it. I mean, HOW CAN I NOT TEAR UP?! It.. just.. touched my heart, in some ways. Look, this was what he wrote in his blog! Martinsays

i’ve never felt so humbled in my life. in an age where at the click of a button, music is free and instant on the internet, our fans stood up these past 2 weeks and showed so much dedication, loyalty and respect for our music, our band as people, and helped fight towards keeping the music industry as we know it alive. thank you so much to those of you who went out and bought a copy of love drunk. we put everything we had into making this record, and are so happy and proud to finally get to share it with you. this band has the most amazing fans in the world…real people, great people. passionate music fans who truly care and listen deep into every song… never faces in a crowd or fair-weather fans, clinging for seconds at a time to the hottest new thing that pops into the music scene, then swiftly moving on to the next. i consider every person who listens to and supports boys like girls as my friends and family, even though i know i may never get the honor of meeting every single one face to face.

if you’ve had the chance to listen to the record, whether you dig it or not, you’ve held a remote control and sat front row to a uncensored view into the depths of our personal lives. you’ve heard three years worth of true life lyrics, torn out pages of a private journal…exposed in melodic form. you’ve heard the real life stories of my highest of highs and lowest of lows, whether captured during the experiences themselves or written to release past emotions that still lingered inside me. everything i had to say was brought to life through the love and passion of my three best friends, who i saw empty their souls into their instruments one by one as they arranged, completed, and made musical sense out of my scattered concepts and ideas. what was most amazing to watch was their ways of representing and incorporating their own life stories and emotions into these eleven songs. the entire process brought 4 already inseparable best friends even closer, and developed an unbreakable 100% trust and respect for each other in every aspect of our lives. band, business, personal lives…all lines are now erased and nothing is held back.

we pushed each other harder than ever to find the confidence and to go for it. jumped off the highest of rooftops, reaching out for that oh-so-intimidating raised bar for the musical quality and commercial success of our sophomore release. a bar set sky high through the expectations of the music industry, the media, critics, our fans, our haters, and most importantly, ourselves. we a had a vision to bring to life. we set goals to sculpt something sonically untouched and fresh while staying faithful to the boys like girls sound that gave us our identity, captured in our debut record. but during our three year non-stop touring marathon, through almost 700 shows and 25 some odd tours, our live sound began to grow as the crowds grew. the songs naturally spoke louder to fill bigger rooms, and become more defined. that entire record took on a new life over time as we were slowly starting to find our true musical identity. we set out to capture that new live energy in the studio. this was our time to take chances. as many as we could. creating eleven songs that the four of us would be proud to listen to, to play live every night, and to share with anyone who would take the time to listen.

at this point, it’s all a blur. time to let the music speak for itself and i really hope you like it. i hope you listen close. to those who purchased the record these past few weeks, thank you from the bottom of my heart. if you downloaded it illegally or burnt it from a friend, that’s ok too. i would much rather you have this record for free than not at all, and i’ve learned to accept the way most modern music is acquired. it’s entirely impossible for me to be spiteful towards anyone who’s singing along, cranking up the volume, or even just scanning the tracks out of curiosity. new listeners or supporters since day one, no matter what price was paid, welcome to the family.

“an artists only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his one terms, not anyone else’s.”
-j.d. salinger

SEE SEE?! YOU'LL TEAR UP FOR SURE RIGHT! SO TOUCHING T_T. and, to thank him, i decided to leave him a comment. mine is.. effing long. if you don't want to read it, it's fine :)

Hey Martin :) That was a really sweet post. And, i'm glad and proud enough to say, that i'm a fan of BLG. Probably you'll think that girls are into all four of you, just because you guys are hot/cute or whatsoever. But, no, that's not it. Not for me. I honestly, think that you guys are, one of the best band ever. Once again, not cause of your looks, but, its how you guys make music. And i totally admire that. It's really hard to find bands/singers like you guys, ya know? I've been listening to LOVEDRUNK album for a thousand times since i've got my hands on it.The first time i hear those songs, i've sensed something. But, i couldnt figure it out. As, i put it on repeat, that's when it hit me. I took the lyrics booklet, and started to sing along as i couldn't resist. As i sang along, i understand your story then. Those eleven songs, which you've written/co-written, totally,made me understand your story and life better. The feelings and words you're trying to let the world to know, we get it. And, it just turned into an inspiration for me. You're amazing, seriously. I'm still wondering, how can someone like you(one of your songs name,heh), can ever, write such good songs. I can't find anything, bad about those eleven songs. Maybe it's cause you've written from your heart, and recorded it from your heart. That's what true songwriters are, right?

Well, I've been hoping to meet you guys, like desperately. You guys are coming down to Malaysia right, but, sadly, it has an age limit, so therefore, i guess i won't be able to enter and meet you guys. When i found out about that, i cried. I was so upset about it, but there was nothing i can do. But after reading your post, thats when i got it. It's not about getting to meet you guys actually. All that matters, is being able to hear you guys, making music. I don't mind, if i won't be able to meet you, but, please, please, i beg you, don't ever stop making music, alright? :) You can never meet all your fans out there, one by one, but there's a way.You can meet them by writing songs and meeting their heart instead.I don't know bout others, but it definitely, met my heart. By the way, thanks for writing those songs which have inspired me alot. Like, OnTopOfTheWorld. I know that you've written it for your mum as she's no longer here anymore.I'm sorry to hear bout that. It's a really good song. I lost my grandpa 2 years ago, and, whenever i start thinking about him, that's when i'll listen to OnTopOfTheWorld. It's because, i feel the same too, and that's the only song, which.. understands how i feel, honestly. Next is, Go. Lately, i've been having troubles with everything. Nothing ever seems right. But, when i listen to GO, i'll feel better eventually. And, it just makes me a better person, and in someway, that song motivated me. " Get up and go, take a chance and be strong" You got that right, Martin. After listening to it, i'll tell myself, " Yes, get up and go, take a chance and be strong. I can do it right?". Furthermore, that's what you're trying to tell me right? Heh. So, i will also tell myself, " for Martin, i will do it." You're quite an inspiration to me, no doubt :) Wow, i've written this long.. Hm, i'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but.. lets hope you are reading. But even if you're not, it's the thoughts which count right?

Hm, i guess this is long enough. Haha. Though there's so much more to tell you, but i guess i'll write it out, all in my blog :) So yeah, thanks alot MartinJohnson; PaulDigiovanni;BryanDonahue;& JohnKeefe. You guys, are the best, and i mean it. Oh, i still hope that i'll get to meet you guys someday :D

BTW BTW! Make a promise.
To Me, and all every other fans,


even if you want to, give us a good reason,
or else, we as your NO#1 fans, won't allow you guys to :)

Heh, have fun touring you guys! I know you guys are hitting Asia soon, like few days more? So, enjoy ASIA! You'll love it! Oh, enjoy Malaysia too :D Please do come back to Malaysia, next year okay? You have lotsa lotsa fans(mostly all teenagers) down here!So, please do not.. have an age limit concert -.- And, of course, me, who've never met you guys before, but still dying to, would love to see you guys, and watch you guys perform( though i was at MTV WORLSTAGE Malaysia, but that wasn't enough). Of course not! :D So, probably, come back, and have your own LOVEDRUNK/BoysLikeGirls concert! A concert, where, us, your fans, get to hear all your songs, live :)
Take care, Martin! And send my regards to Paul;Bryan; John. i love all four of you! BoysLikeGirls, rock :D :D
f.y.i; i'm happy to join the family :)

OKAY. CALL ME OBSESSED OR WHATEVER. but, this is what i feel.. in my heart. Truly, from my heart. DANIELLE CALLED ME NUTS T_T Well, it's not my fault Martin made me so emotioonal. I just got to let him know how i feel, EVENTHOUGH HE'LL NEVER READ IT. BUT, STILL.



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