Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shut your eyes,

feel the chemicals collide.

Just came home, and just showered. Feeling really exhausted right now. Too much of energy used today, but it sure worth it.

Anyways, slept at 4am today. Was staying up late, just to see if Martin replied my comment. But unfortunately, he didn't. So, i gave up waiting and just kong-ed. Then, suddenly i just woke up at 8 something, and the first thing which popped into my mind, was " OMG. MARTIN. DID HE REPLY MY COMMENT?" And, sadly, he didn't. So, i just went back to sleep. And, Redza called me around 12 something, and he woke me up. Answered his call, then i went back to bed and.. the thing which popped into my mind, was " SHIT. I NEED TO WAKE UP FOR SHAZA'S HOUSE." So i quickly got my ass off the bed, and went down :)

Had brunch, and a small little talk with mummy about so many stuffs. Heh. Then, went to bath, and got ready. Went down, and decided to prank ShazaHazwani :P I told her i couldn't make it to her house, as my mum didn't allow me. Then, i left my house to ClaireCosset's house :)

Reached her house, and AuntyAgnes told me that i shouldn't be wearing shorts to ShazaHazwani's house, cause is during raya. So, i panicked, and asked SheilaLee, what she's wearing. Then when SheilaLee came, we asked ClaireCosset to borrow us pants to wear :D

Around 3.45p.m, Hariz's mum came and pick 3 of us up from Claire's :D And we then headed to ShazaHazwani's. Reached her home! First time, in her new house (: Shaza was so angry, that i pranked her! HAHAH, but i know you love me laah :P Then sat down for a while, then we ate. Met Syafiqa and Syazwan :) After eating, we went over to the lake.

Spent around 1 and a half hour at the lake. Gosh, it was so tiring! We climbed up 2 treehouses, we laughed at so many stuffs. Chased ducks, and got chased by a goose -_- That was the most.. hilarious moment. A goose, chasing 5 humans. Seriously. It was all Shaza's fault! HAHAH, but it was a good laughter indeed.

Then walked back to Shaza's after been chased by a goose. We sat outside her house, and enjoyed the cool breeze. Then, Shaza had the mood to go and play swings -_- So, we temaned her :D Went and sit swings and all. Had some "confession" time. HAHAHA. Suddenly, Shaza got so paranoid -.-

There was this man, came out from his house, and stared at us. Then, another man came out too, and looked at us too. They walked out of the house, and Shaza claimed that they are checking us out, and she's terrified. So, we wanted to go back to her house like a.s.a.p. Claire came out with a great idea, and asked us to play a game. And, i said that... " Who reach home first, can get a FREE KETUPAT :D " Claire,Shaza and i ran, while Sheila&Hariz was walking behind.

I reached, FIRST! But, no , i didn't have my ketupat. But i had my pride :D :D Then, went inside her house, and watched TV. Hariz's parents came and pick us up then.

Thank you Shaza, for having us at your house :) AND, thanks for cooking!! Me love your cooking! :D :D

Oh, before i forget, Danielle&I was so turned on by Paul's steam face :X *inside jokes with Danielle&Alia. HAHAH.

he's fucking hot.



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