Friday, September 25, 2009

My world, is your world,

and my fight is your fight.

*this is my ranting post. if you're not interested, don't read then. Excuse my words, by the way.

Okay, this is so fucking messed up right now. I don't even know what to do, i can't fucking make up my mind. I can't even focus on what i'm doing right now. Just when i start doing something, i will just tear, out of no where. Even when i start to sing, i'll tear again. Basically, i'm crying every 5 minutes.

Should i? or should i not? I should just let go? This feeling is so fucked up right now. I want to let go, but i can't. It just stops me everytime. Should i be optimistic? And, just think positive right ahead? Knowing that it will never be, but just keep thinking positive? Will, that even work? No, i'm not having a crush on a guy, or a relationship problem or whatsoever. Its just, me. and my own feelings. There's something i would love to let it out, but not here. Obviously not.

Do dreams come true? Do they? I'm hoping that it would. A girl can dream, can i?



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