Monday, September 21, 2009

I know your type,

boy, you're dangerous.

I'm back home from my family day :) I know it's usually on a Sunday, but, since my mum was at my aunt's yesterday, so we didn't want to do it without her. But yesterday was fine. It was my bonding time with brother and daddy :D
  • woke up around 10 in the morning. Early, i know. Mum woke me up and told me that we're going to the temple to pray, and then for movies. So, i quickly on the computer, and book tickets for movie :)
  • Left the house around 11.30, after a light breakfast. Before heading to the temple, we went down to KL, just to eat curry fish head :D My brother introduced it to us. We took like 30 minutes to get there, because, my bro took the wrong highway, and therefore, we had to.. take a whole turn, to get back there.
  • Brunch was awesome. It was so filling, and delicious. Though, it's just at some ciplak.. wooden restaurant/stall, but, I guess it just gives me a traditional feeling? And, it reminds me so much of Ipoh somehow. My family and i were hungry monsters. We ordered so many food, and we added extra, and we managed to finish everything in just 10 minutes. We're monsters or what?
  • Then, headed to the temple. It was just another 5 minutes drive. I was so jakun when i reached there. Cause i seldom go to that temple, and it's one of the most beautiful temple i've ever been to. It's a tourist place too :) I saw alot of AngMohs :D :D Prayed, and i asked for a prediction of how my PMR will go.I've to drop some sticks, take out the only stick standing. Get the number of that stick, and read the description they gave. Apparently, it asked me to work hard, in order to get the results i want. And i can do it, as long as i work hard.Then, my parents continue nagging me about studying hard. AHHA.
  • Went to TropicanaCityMall after that, as we had to collect movie tickets like 45 minutes before movie starts. Collected movie tickets. Where got ghost :) Then, my brother were making noises, saying he wants to watch Tsunami, and it's better than WhereGotGhost. So, we decided on 2 movies :D
  • Since we had one more hour to our movie, we went over to Borders :D Hunt-ed for so many books, and oh my. My list on "books-to-buy", is really really long. As i hunt, i added more books to my list. HEHE. I was planning to buy 'em, cause i hear them shouting" BUY ME,BUY ME." Seriously, i had the urge to buy it. All of the books i wanted were so pretty, as i pick them up, read the synopsis and looked at the cover. I told my dad that i wanted to buy it, and he agreed. But, i started to hesitate and i didn't want to get distracted, because i shouldn't be reading... fiction books at this time. I should be reading Sejarah! T_T So, i told my dad that i didn't want it, and he told me he'll buy 'em for me, after PMR, during my holidays, since i'll be bored anyway. OH EM GEE, Can't wait! DorothyKoomson;CeciliaAhern;NicholasSparks;SophieKinsella. I want all of their books!In the end, i bought 17Magazine, Sept&Oct issue, to fill my current needs :P
  • Then, i bought a new headset for iPod, since my old one's spoilt while brother hunt stuffs for his laptop. Anyways the headset's not really for iPod, as it's under Sony, but it's usable anyway :) And it's pink! How can i ever resist, pink headset? So, my next aim, is to buy a pink cover for iTouch! :D :D
  • Where Got Ghost?

It's rather a good movie. I love how JackNeo make movies. It's so meaningful, and it's what we people are facing :) This movie is made up of 3 different movies. Each movie with different moral. So, i really encourage everyone to watch, and obviously people who understand the language. Cause the funny parts are usually when they speak Hokkien. And if you understand, obviously you'll laugh more. It's not really that scary by the way. I mean, it is, at parts. Cause you can never expect when the ghost is coming out -_- But, since Shawn and my brother spoilt it for me, I managed to close my eyes before the ghost came out :) Whenever scary scenes are about to appear, my brother will be like, " There there, coming coming." *pokes my hand. Or either, he'll look at me, and give me a stare. So, i guess he spoilt it for me. :D

  • Tsunami in Haeundae. (Korean)

This is such an emotional movie! Gosh, i cried, so much. At the beginning, it was funny at some parts, but when the tsunami part, oh my god, it was so sad. It was so tragic. People were losing their lives just because of Tsunami and people trying their best on saving other people's lives. Family members trying to save each other, and couples trying to save their own partner. Some other people didn't mind on risking their own life, because they believe that, one people dying, is better than two. I guess, it's a really good movie, and for us to learn, just in case that Malaysia ever.. get hit.. * CHOI CHOI. But in that movie, Koreans never believed that, they'll get hit by Tsunami,ya know? So, it's better to do something, before it's too late.

After movies, we left. Cause we were so tired after 4 hours, sitting down.

Anyways, just came home from dinner. And i'm terribly sleepy. I guess i'll give up on studying tonight, since nothing will go in. I'll not go online tomorrow till 11 something. I'll study, study study and study. Drill myself T_T


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