Thursday, September 10, 2009

I caught it,

when i kissed you.

A short blog post before i sleep :)

DANIELLE & ALIA made a new name for me :D cause we were talking bout names, and we were.. putting our names with BLG,obviously. And i told them that it'll be best if i had an english name. So, they started from, stupid names, TO EGG YOLK, TO JELLY?! and even dog's name?! whaaat. oh, and ALIA insisted on my name to be Jewel Digiovanni-Lee. well, she said that i look like Jewel :) Idk if she meant A JEWEL or the singer named, Jewel. But i took that as a compliment :) She also named me PRECIOUS -_- such weird names she can think of.

and the final name for me was : April honey jewel bee lee yoke shan digiovanni-lee.

My name now, consists of 9 words. HAHA. it can be a sentence :)

Oh well.

Dont tell me that you miss her,
don't break my heart into pieces.



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