Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I thought i told myself not to go online anymore? But, oh well.

Anyways, school was okaaaay. It was somehow fun. Had alot of laughing today, maybe cause CheeSoong became funnier, and Stanley was being the usual joker :)

Got back some of the results. were rather satisfying? because i done it all by myself. *shows proud face.

oh oh, LOVEDRUNK ALBUM-BOYSLIKEGIRLS IS OUT TODAY. but not in Malaysia, pfft. sad case. But Alia said is coming out tomorrow, so i'm counting on her to buy it for me :D :D and, i'm using my own money to buy it this time :) I'm not going to trouble Carissababy/Sheilabobella to buy it for me, because i really feel bad. but babes, thanks for wanting to buy it for me :D

Ah, hm what else. OH, PMR IS IN 28 DAYS. BLARDY HELL T_T i don't like ): I'm starting to feel the stress and everything *okay not quite. BUT STILL.

I used to be love drunk,
but now i'm hungover,
i love you forever,
forever is over.

p.s: lovedrunk suits my mood right now.



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