Sunday, September 20, 2009

When my world is falling apart,

When there's no light to break up the dark ,that's when I look at you.
  • As you can see, I've a new layout :) It's pink, since i'd the white layout for a really long time. I didn't want the header or a long sidebar anymore. Cause i forgotten to back up my old template, therefore, i'm so lazy to upload pictures on my sidebar. Prolly will have my cbox back on. :D
  • PMR's coming in 16 days. Omfg, i just reminded myself that. I guess I won't be staying up till late nights anymore. Gotta sleep early, wake up early, to study for the whole day :D And, i need a balance sleep right now. I'm planning to go on a healthy lifestyle, which i can really doubt. Sleep early, eat healthily :)
  • I've been busy reading MyBestFriend'sGirl. And i'm finishing soon, prolly i'll finish it up by tonight, so that this whole week i can concentrate on my PMR studies. After PMR, i've a long list on " books-to-buy"! can't wait till i read CeciliaAhern's & DorothyKoomson's books!Mind buying me a few, as my early b'day present? :P HEH.
  • Speaking about early birthday present, i think i mentioned that I got my LOVEDRUNK album, I'd take this opportunity to thank Carissa, A THOUSAND TIMES. She offered to buy me LoveDrunk, but, i was feeling so bad, so i shared with her :) As in, she paid half, and i paid half. So, i asked AliaPutri to help me buy the album, since she's buying one for herself too.
THANK YOU;GAHM-SAH-HAHM-NI-DA, CARISSAYUENWEITENG :) *see, i even said thankyou in korean. She's my korean sifu, she teaches me Korean, heh. DON'T GIVE UP ON YUNHO, babe! Remember your future kid? My future god-daughter/SON? Yes, i'm waiting for the day! :D HyamiJung wanna come to this world, tau! Omg, i think i got the lameness from her.

Oh oh, she was damn lame yesterday. Cause we were talking about this girl, who's pretty, but lifeless at the same time.

Carissa: But, she's pretty... and lifeless... which makes her PRETTY LIFELESS.
Me: Omg. damn damn lame! HAHAHHA.

If you don't get it, means you're slow :P

  • LOVEDRUNK-BoysLikeGirls

this album, is really awesome. Not saying that it has to be the #1 album for the year or something, but... I think the best part of this album, is that MartinJohnson(leadsinger) actually wrote/co-wrote all the songs in the album. I absolutely admire song-writers, and, songs which are sang by the one who've written it. The another fact i love this album, is because, THE PICTURE THEY TOOK, which is inside the lyricsbooklet, ALL OF THEM LOOKS SO HOT. Seriously, no joke. Okay, i should stop being a typical girl, drooling over them. Anyways, the songs are actually not bad, honestly. There's this song, which features TaylorSwift, is a really great song. :)

p.s:// They spelt my baby's name wrongly! It's PaulDigiovanni! They spelt, PaulDigoivanni -_-

1. HeartHeartHeartbreak. *
3.She's got a boyfriend now. *;He wrote this for his ex's. 3 different relationships.
4.Two is better than one. -feat. TaylorSwift. *;Don't cry when you listen to it.
7.Someone Like You.
8.The Shot Heard 'Round The World.*
9.The First One.
10.Chemicals Collide.
11.Go. *

*: Highly recommended.

Those which aren't marked(*), doesn't mean it's not nice. But, i rate it between 6 or 7 out of 10. Those which are marked, are above 8 out of 10.


; AT A SECOND THOUGHT, AFTER LISTENING TO THE WHOLE ALBUM AGAIN, I think, all songs are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. So, don't hesitate, and get your ears to it!


hot right hot right! * i know you can't see it. Blame my webcam, it sucks.

Anyways, that encourages you to buy the album :) Buy LoveDrunk, and see their hot picture :P



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