Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm feeling sick,

girl you're so contagious.

Today was a funny day, thanks to mamahazwani :) Her fall, WAS *insertwordhere, if you actually get what i mean. HAHA. it totally made my day.

Had GemaMerdeka today, mamahazwani got jakun over.. A PEN. which..made her lose her dignity :P Nuff said, before she starts killing me.

Anyways, performances were nice this year, it was better instead. I was in a mood, somehow. Maybe thanks to mamahazwani. AHAHA, here i go again :P

Then, lessons were usual. Got back results, none of them were good. Gah, i guess i need to work way harder right now.

A successful shot after 2 attempts :)

Maybe i've always been a burden to you. I'm sorry for relying on you and giving you so much trouble, before. But i just couldn't help it. Somehow, i knew you were not a right choice, but i still fell for you. I think i fell too deep for you, till i never realized that i actually like you. But, i know that, the person you're waiting for, is not me. I guess i just got to, face the fact that i can't have you anymore, and just live. Maybe i'll be waiting for you, no matter how long it takes, cause, i feel a deep connection between us. It may not be right, but it may not be wrong. It hurts to know that, we're close, yet so far away. If only i knew you better, if only i held my feelings for you, maybe we wouldn't end like this. We would still be laughing like we used to, we'll still be having fun like we used to. Now, we're calling those times as our history. I don't know, if history repeats, but i really hope it does, because you mean the world to me. It's been a long time, you know? And just so you know, i never really got over you.



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