Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh blue sands,

can you tell me if i ever be happy.

I totally lost my mood on blogging bout yesterday. I typ-ed out everything, but i deleted 'em cause somehow, i don't feel like posting bout it. Oh well, maybe cause the post looks really boring ): So, i need the pictures to brighten it up :D

anyways, went for facial today! It was torture. Omfg. It was PAIN, PAIN,PAIN! and my whole face is totally red right now T_T Damn, this is what you get, when you don't use any facial products. Honestly, I'M SO LAZY TO USE FACIAL PRODUCTS, and every night, my sis will nag me, asking me to use it. But i'm so lazy. I don't really care bout my face actually. I mean, WHOSE THERE TO IMPRESS RIGHT NOW, RIGHT. i'm only fifteen. But, after going to facial today, i finally realized the importance of applying facial products. Its, cause if you don't, YOU'RE GOING TO SUFFER LIKE ME. and people like me, who stay up late quite often to study/online, and love eating junk foods can just die if you don't use any facial products. If you're like me, and don't use any facial products, YOU BETTER START USING! Seriously. The thing is, I've no pimples, but it's all BLACKHEADS. As a result, i have 2 blackheads sticking together, and soon, forming to be a pimple. That's why, it was pain pain pain! cause the beautician took like a frigging hard time, to remove my blackheads, AND SHE USED NEEDLE SUMORE. Eff, it was pain. Damn. I tear-ed up a bit.

So from today onwards, i'm going to use face products, every night T_T Beautician scared me, telling me, if i don't take care of my face from now, IT'LL BE THERE FOREVER. my blackheads she meant.

oh well.



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