Saturday, September 19, 2009

I gotta feeling,

that tonight's gonna be a good night.

Woke up quite late today, since i slept at 3 something in the morning. Went over to mummy's room, and had a talk with her :) Told her about my life, and what i'm facing right now. Mummy's being so nice, and she encouraged me in different type of topics. Studies;Friends;Future. Talked for an hour plus.

Ate brunch, and watched tivo. Then, went up to my room and checked my phone. Carissababy texted me, saying that BoysLikeGirls will be coming to Malaysia on Oct2. I panicked like fuck, and quickly went online to checked. I thought it was fake, and told her, it's Manila, not Malaysia. But, after checking it out, apparently, THEY ARE COMING TO MALAYSIA. but, sadly, it's only for 21 and above. That's like shithead. Was damn sad, to know about it. But, just screw it. Guess i'm not fated to meet them ): . BYE BYE BABY PAUL! We'll meet someday, hopefully. I still love you, and will be Mrs.Digiovanni, waiting for you :) *my love for PaulDigiovanni.

for more details : CLICK

Then, did my homeworks. Maths & K.H.

Read a chicklit book, called " MyBestFriend'sGirl." Borrowed it from claireze'french. :) It's a really good book, i cried. -_- at the beginning of the book! There was this part, where I couldn't stop crying, it was so sad! Every page i read, i kept crying. Texted Claireze'french. And she asked me to keep reading, cause she didn't want to spoil it for me! It was raining, and i was listening to LOVEDRUNK! album, so... i really couldn't stop crying. Cried for 15 minutes. It's one of the books, that i've ever cried so much, either than P.S I Love You. I should really catch up on DorothyKoomson books.

Oh, CECILIA AHERN HAS PUBLISHED A NEW BOOK :) gonna hunt for it after PMR!

Gonna study Sejarah soon :)

Anyways, watch this. It's damn uber cool! BEP live in Oprah. Watch for the audiences, it's damn fucking cool.


SiewLing said...

Hahah.It's good that you have a few packets at home.I've got only 1 packet and it's gonna be finished really soon :(

MinXuan said...

ohmygod. Boys Like Girls! 2nd oct? 21 and above? WHAAAAAAT?! :( :(

MinXuan said...

I mean 18 and above. oops. :D


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