Sunday, September 27, 2009

He makes me happy,

I know where i'll be.

I had.. one of my best dream, ever on yesterday morning. :) And, thanks to my mum, for waking me up. Ugh. MAAAAN, how i wish my dream will come true.

Then, i found out that.. If you purchased LOVEDRUNK! album,and you found a GOLDENTICKET inside, it's your lucky day! No, you're not going to WillyWonka'sChocolateFactory. BUT, you'll get to meet BoysLikeGirls, in person! That ticket, will enable you, to attend their Meet&Greet Session. Isn't it just awesome? :D :D ,but guess what? Here's the turn off. It's only for Non-Muslims, and 21 and above. Hm, feel like shouting right now? Well, feel free to. Cause, I DID THAT,A COUPLE HOURS AGO!

I totally cried when i saw it. No, it's not cause I didn't get the GOLDENTICKET. It's because, IT'S FOR 21 AND ABOVE, AGAIN. I'll prolly rob someone, for the ticket, but.. it's only for 21 and above. So, even if i had the ticket, i wouldn't be able to ENTER AND MEET THE BOYS RIGHT? Gah, i don't get it. BoysLikeGirls True-Hard Fans, are teenagers, aged between 13-18 years old. So, why not just, MAKE THIS MEET&GREET SESSION, open to everyone? Well, you say those who managed to get the GOLDENTICKET, lucky ones. So, if those who HAS THE GOLDEN TICKET, and they're 21 and below, they should be called the UNLUCKY ONES?

This is just so messed up, seriously. First, BoysLikeGirls is coming down to Malaysia. I was dead happy when i found out about that. But, then, they're going to be performing, for HennessyArtistryEvent, which are strictly for Non-Muslims&21 and above only, and you need invites to attend that event. AND NOW, they're having a MEET&GREET SESSION, but it's also open for Non-Muslims, 21 and above only.We don't have the chance to watch them perform, it's fine. Now, we don't even have the chance to meet them.*unless you're 21 and above. Wtf.


I got so emotional and couldn't think straight. I couldn't put on a smile for like an hour plus. So, was thinking to talk to someone, like those who can tell me what to do. Called SheilaLee, and told her bout everything. I became really optimistic towards it :) She was right, " just get over it. there's nothing you can do bout it". So, I JUST GOT TO, GET OVER IT :D :D AND KEEP THINKING, THAT.. YOU'LL MEET THEM, ONE DAY. *sure, yokeshan. One day, one fine day, you'll meet them. Hmm. * * Soothe myself.*

BUT BUT. How can?! MartinJohnson wants us TO GO :D :D

*lyrics from the song " GO "

Get up and Go, *yes, go and MEET BOYSLIKEGIRLS :D
Take a chance, and be strong *Yes, i'm taking a chance now, and i should be strong.
Or you could spend your whole life, holding on.* YEAH LAH. i don't want to spend my whole life, holding on laaah. I WANT TO MEET BOYS LIKE GIRLS* *stomps feet*


Yesterday, was just an okay day. Nothing much. Studied for awhile. Hm, guess it wasn't a very productive day.

Today (in 9 hours) it's going to be my LAST MATHS TUITION CLASS ): totally going to miss those losers there :P JesiccaAnnJock- The BIG LOSER. AndreaChan- THE BIG RETARD :P HEH. I love love love them :) Without them in tuition classes, are just BORING! WEEE. But sadly, MissKaren is not going for class tomorrow, oh well. Hopefully, she'll teach f4's next year. If she is, i'm so going to register first :D :D *as though it's some competition.

1 week and 2 days, till PMR starts. I still can go online and care-less bout PMR. Hm. I guess i'm going to stop blogging/online till PMR overs. Wait, correction. I mean, TILL I COME BACK FROM SINGAPORE :D :D *this reminds me, i still haven't renew my passport. FUCK. will do so.

Don't miss me :) I think, my next post is going to be about AFTER-PMR/Singapore :D :D So stoked! Can't wait to go SINGAPORE with my honeys, that includes Guys&Girls :) :) & & AFTER-PMR CELEBRATION in REDBOX, the night, right after PMR! WEEEE. It's going to be a hell out of a night, again. Just that, this time, it's going to be better with, PARTAY PARTAY PARTAY! :D

Alright, here i go again, getting excited on something, so early. But, first... I've to study for PMR! Oh, wait. AAR's coming up too :) I'm not really sure if i would want to go AAR though. Well, i'm still hesitating, but most probably i will :D :D

So, don't miss me :) Oh, just in case if you'll wonder, no, i'm not going to be dead or whatsoever. I'm going to turn on my nerdymode, and study for PMR 8D But, if you miss me too much, just.. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER/TALK TO ME ON FACEBOOK :D Cause, i'll update my twitter everyday, and still check my facebook! Heh.

Till then,



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