Monday, September 21, 2009

Where got ghost?

.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
are you excited to go bali? : )
aliya says:
yes yes yes yes
aliya says:
can see naked ang mos
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:

aliya says:
my grandpa said he saw a naked woman but he said "not interested" and we asked "why?" he said "so old, look at the boobs la"

this girl, damn horny! All she wants is to see naked ang mohs. Tsk tsk babe. Anyways, just want to wish you a safe trip to bali alright? :) Have fun, take care, and enjoy! Loves.

I know.. i said that " i won't be going online anymore" . but i guess.. i can't help it?

will be going to temple soon, and a movie with family. Where got ghost :) Can't wait!



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