Friday, September 4, 2009

I've been spending all my time,

just thinking about you.


B.M paper 1 : It was rather alright? But no confidence.

B.M paper 2 : When i was half way doing the paper, i WAS SO SLEEPY! all i was begging for, was to sleep T_T so i guess, really no hope.

Geography : I really don't know. Hopefully, a B?

English paper 1 : Several mistakes already.

English paper 2 : I just crapped alot alot of stuffs.

Science paper 1 : got back results. 28/40 . Was careless on some questions.

Science paper 2 : screwed. Damn screwed. Hopefully i didn't fail.

Maths paper 1 : Was alright. Got back results. 34/40.

Maths paper 2 : Another one which so damn screwed. Hopefully i get an A for Maths.

K.H : I really don't know. Was really sleepy when i was doing it.

Sejarah : SCREWED. EFFING SCREWED. hopefully, a C? but not fail ):

Finished our last paper today by 9.30 a.m. Wasn't really feeling anything. Not much of excitement :D

Went back to class, got back Maths results. Whole day was free period. Had Hariz's guitar, we played :) along with Sheilabobella & Nicholas.

After school, embarassed myself. Then had LeoMeeting. For 15 minutes or so.

Went to Subway for lunch with Sheilabobella; Claireze'french;Mayyinnn. Ate for like 30 minutes? Then went to the DVD shop behind AC. Was finding for BringItOn:FightToTheFinish, but we were so scared to ask the doode over there. But Mayyinnn managed to spot for it :) And they were... admiring.. the dvd seller guy o.o his accent? HAHAH.

Ran back to school with Claireze'french like some retards, cause we thought we were late. But, apparently, we weren't. SO MUCH for running. Waited for 15 mins? Then went back to her house :D

We used the laptop;skyp-ed with mamahazwani for a while :) Watched a few videos, till we lost track of time. And the next thing we knew, Nathayyianyian was already inside the house! HAHAH.

So we left Claireze'french 's house and headed to Nathayyianyian's. Something happening came up, not sure if i'm allowed to say. But it was sure happening. Then wasted around 15 minutes on that. Watched some tivo :) and also " Butterfly On A Wheel ". Nathayyianyian & I cooked scrambled egg for Claireze'french and Nat's sister, since they were enjoying the movie :P Scrambled egg, Nat's&Shan's creation was awesome! :D :D BABE, WE SO GOTTA COOK TOGETHER AGAIN NEXT TIME!

After that, watched finish the movie. Did the washingdishes together! Claireze'french, CAN NEVER BE A HOUSEWIFE. all she does was just " supervise". How nice of her :) Leaving us, doing all the work :P AHHAH.

Then, went up. Onlin-ed for a while, Took turns to bath and everything. Skyp-ed a bit. Sang, got high. Trained our leg muscles a bit. Oh, we drank beer, as a toast : P since Trials are over right? Maan, we need to grant ourselves something at times!

Around 9.15p.m, went out for dinner with Nat's mum at Jaya33. Was having a great time there :) Laughed a lot. Gossiped, a lot. Just, had so much fun :D Then went home. In the car, we were so high! Seriously, i think that was when the alcohol actually worked :P HAHA. Nat's mum was an angel, she gave me a lift home :D

leeyokeshan Did you realise, the moon was shining so bright tonight? :) @claireisclaire @nataliehay and i, we're all admiring the moon :D

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