Friday, September 11, 2009

We can change the weather,

if you want it to yourself.

Let's see, school was fun today. 2 periods of BM, were not torture. We did BM questions and all. After that, was break. Talked about our Singaporetrip plans :) Then was Maths, we were doing Maths together. Moral was up next, continue-d with Maths paper. Did nothing much for Chinese, except for talking to Sheilabobella, as always :D Last period was Computer. We just sat and talked for the whole period.

Was planning to go PappaRich for lunch. But the guys called and asked us to go TheStreetCafe instead, since they wanted aircond. So we went, and.. we had like, 15+ people with us, so we were like really noisy, but it was fun! If Shaza&Aliya were with us, it'd be the whole gang already. Hmm, the guys could really eat, they couldn't stop ordering food. Then around 2.15p.m, we, the girls left. and went to 7-E. Hanged around at the courtyard.

That was quite a day.

Anyways, i can't wait for Singapore! Seriously :) The night that PMR ends, we'll be like.. staying over BrandonChew's house. During that night, we'll go Redbox till late night, and go for a drink. Then go to BrandonChew's house, have a midnight swim, and then we'll sleep. The next day, WE'LL BE HEADING TO SINGAPORE :D Gah, can't wait, can't wait! It'll be my first time going to Singapore (i know, how stoneage i am-.-), and i'm going with my friends! HOW AWESOME WILL THAT BE :D

I'm quite addicted to this song, MonaLisa-All-American Rejects. :) Sheena showed me this video, that TysonRitter was singing this song in a concert, while his girlfriend, hugging him, and he kissed her! that's like, so sweet!

Why isn't anyone online right now?



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