Thursday, December 11, 2008

i noticed your eyes are always glued to me ;)

hello :D i came back from madeline's house like .. 2 hours ago .

anyways , i was suppose to wake up at 12 today . but i woke up at 2 ! omg . SHEILA XD !!! anyways , then i quickly had brunch . then bath . left house at 3 . sis and i headed to madeline's house because she needs someone to make up for her as she's going Prom today . then my sis make up for her , and i gave my opinions and all :D :D it was really fun ! sis and i was like some designer / make up artis . fine , i didnt make up . but , i gave alot of opinions , and i was an experiment material -.- we were done by 5 . then we left , while madeline left for prom too ! ENJOY YEAH BABE :)

cause it rains in your bedroom , everything's wrong ,
it rains when you're here and it rains where you're gone :D

rock and roll hey ,
dont you know baby
we're all alone now ,
i need something to sing about ! ;)

taylor swift & paramore rocks !

crush , crush , crush :P

tuning in : crush crush crush - paramore !



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