Monday, December 8, 2008

i'm so dissapointed with you .

its a monday ;)

and yeah . i slept at 7 something in the morning . cause i was finishing up with MissNoGood . and also tried so hard dl-ing twilight . and mana tau , the twilight i downloaded , is all wrong one -.- pfft . i also watched 3 episodes of GemOfLife :D and , found a new blogskin , edit and so on .

sometimes i really wonder , if life is really this unfair . i cant stand my family , i cant stand some of my friends which always give me stuffs that stresses me and make me worried , as i m those who put friends in my first priority . i cant stand my life . seriously . how i wish , i can finally work , and leave this damn house . t_T and go find a new life . new world , new environment , new friends . one moment , my family is putting their anger on me , another minute , my best friend go say something which really make me sad . i dont know what to do seriously . i mean , i cant cry over it right ? not like , crying can make everything get better .

`i give up with everything .



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