Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the moon :D


i mean was ? yesterday .

bust still can see now :D

i saw it ! * hyper *

without the stars now :\

lalalal :)

i just feel like blogging .

oh , for those who say that i'm into peter facinelli and i ditched jay chou , hell yeah :D its cause jay chou is busy in beijing , filming a movie , so its time for me to bercurang ! and , PETER FACINELLI / CARLISLE CULLEN IS MY SECOND LOVE :D he's heck hot T_T , and i'm going to watch twilight for the 3rd time , just because i wan see him :D :D too bad , he's married -.- pfft
MINXUAN , faster go kill the wife and daughter . you use gun , i use sniper :)

running out ! :D



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