Friday, June 6, 2008


hey :D . im running out of topics to blog you see . == . schools opening in 3 more days . torture TT . luckily , there will be summersplash this sat and i might be going ou this sun to get 3D goggles from the hannah montana ting . AHHA XD . i cant wait for summersplash . it will be my dearest mei , rachel's birthday party too :) . and thank god , i finally found someone to share my ticket with . yes you , GOH PEI HSIEN , dont ffk me hopefully :D . as you see , i took 5 days just to find people to share with me . cause claire's already taken , may yin has no transport , and sheila cant go . so yeah you see . hm . :\ .

and and , this sun , there's this hannah montana " you can be a popstar " thing . == . im not going to be a popstar , im just going to get the 3D goggles . HAHA . and of cause , pass my kh blouse to someone :D . cause that someone will help me do everything , minus the decorations :) . HAHAH .

im running out of topics lar damnit :) . maybe i'll just blog when i find something very interesting to blog :D

these pictures are the ones i did in photoshop when i used to be a very very big fan of miley cyrus last yr . not to say im not now , im still are :) . but just jay's bigger now . HAH XD . you guys might be thinking , why didnt i do one for jay chou ? == is cause my photoshop trial is effing expired :\ . so .. i need adobe now TT
byebye :D . im so done .



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