Friday, June 20, 2008

Hands On ME :D

well , today was just slightly better :) .

had 2 periods of science . i wanted to sleep badly , but i was damn scare cause i sit near the window and i scare senior assistants would be passing by the class . then im deAD right ? :\ so i tried my best to pay attention instead :) . but without realising , it sort of past damn fast :D . then was break . after that was seni . thought that pn.ida didnt come . but mana tau , she came u knw == . then i redo-ed my art . :D . and we painted and such . then was chinese . boring lah == . after that , was maths . ugh , i couldnt understand maths . cause that time i didnt go to school . TT . and no one would help me sigh . thanks to carissa yuen for explaining one question , and it sort of mean alot to me TT cause noone else did :\ . and my brain was about to explode . pfttt .

after that , straight had a quick lunch . then went over to bengkel for geo extra class :D . shitness , pn.lim damn funny and she makes it damn interesting >< . now we're far far ahead than fauzan . not really far far ahead , but kind of lah . AHHA . and we can joke with her . shaza and i kept joking with her >< . cause she told us that lembah klang consist of alot of places like , P.j , subang and crap . then i was like ...

me : OH , NO WONDER , when i reserve cinema tickets online , i click for One utama and they wrote there " klang valley " so i was like tinking that , since when O.U was in klang ..
pn.lim : OF CAUSE LAH , what u tink ? klang valley only klang mer . XD
omg , she damn funny lah XD . i love her :) . and .. seriously shit , she's better than fauzan . 8D . tehhee :P . then 2 , it ended cause claire needed go home alredi .

pn.lim : oh u need to go home edi ? if u didnt tell me , i will go on . AHHA .

but seriously i dont mind . cause its effing interesting

after that , saw aliya . so shaza , liya and i went over to 7-E . :D . we were listening to liya thruout the journey there and back to school . i belanja-ed liya slurpee . so 2 of us had slurpee when shaza had big gulp . i didnt knw how to do the ting , i put the cover first and i turn the ting . but then aliya told me that i shudnt put the cover first . so end up , everything spilt TT . XD . damn memalukan man . :P . then we went over to secondary canteen . camwhored . then i talked to brandon :) . luckily he temaned me to get my bag and wait for my sis :D .

oi chew , cheer up lah kay TT . is not the end of the world yet . you're not worst to the max yet . im worse okay ? try n be in my situation :\ . sigh ): . so dont get all sad up and tired up :) . eventho the whole word accuses you , but i'll always support u and be on ur side , cause i know how it feels :D .

nerdy specs :D



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