Thursday, June 12, 2008

he watch me cry till the night .

well .... im finally online :D . i was trying to go online with psp just now , but i have to knw the proxy server and bla bla bla == my god , it was taking me forever , but end up i was so lazy to call the streamyx . :P

niway , i hereby wish , tee rachel a happy belated birthday . :)

you're 12 , and thats good .
gona be a teen next year , so take care aite ?
love you :] mwahs
well , class today was kind of fun but , when school was about to end , i was kind of sad lah . due to some specific reasons . hm , my science sucks man . ms.voo was so strict with our answers , and our highest is only 51 / 60 where as other class which mr.bala taught , all 56 & above . mostly half of the class , complained . and there she go again , lectured . well , hope we can gain marks perhaps ? but still i suck in science TT
during music , went over to challenger . and sheila showed us this interact card trick on youtube . and its so frigging true , and guess what , brandon lim was the one to discover the answer behind the trick first , and we were so dumb to believe :D . then , we went to watch boobs can opener ? wtf . XD . then the boys were like , " SO CHUN " . HAHAHA . then we watched expression crew - wizard . one word , AMAZING :) .
well , and every geo & sejarah lesson , mostly are all free periods :D . and mrs.k didnt come today , so brandon lim , eugene and i got on to a talk which was .. kind of interesting tho :) . at least those 2 buddies keep me occupied .
this is all i can say to describe my day lah . but overall , today was good with my besties accompanying me :)
i dont get it why do u have to make me hang on to you evvery single time . every time when i decided to get over you , u'll try your best to get close to me , and u'll make me cling on to you once again :\ . and , i know im not as good as that girl , not as smart nor pretty . but , looking at those memories we had , those laughters we had , those time we shared together gossiping bout mostly everyone , and we laughed like shit during midnights , dont you miss those time ? well i do . cause every night , now , i felt lonely , i start to think bout those times when we talk every night , when we were so happy back then , and now , a message from you is just so hard . but , all i know is , you just left a hole in my heart , a hole which will never go back to the place it was . and things just wont go back to the past .
chew yun keong pontenged school for the past 2 days . == . not to say ponteng , he didnt come to school . i miss bullying him alredi lah , i miss talking to him bout my probs cause he'll be the one to give me great advices and helps :\ . and today , i couldnt even share my probs out . seriously man , i had to keep it to myself which probably , felt not good :\ . CHEW CHEW , GO SCHOOL TOMORROW AITE ? :)
this is long now . im stopping here . and tomorrow's FRIDAY :D .
bye :)



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