Saturday, June 14, 2008

heavenly days :D

today's SATURDAY . woke up at 12 . >< . played the piano & psp , sing sing and sing , ate and crapped :D . well , im not going summit , im going to mid valley instead as my sister is going there to perform electone . :] . im so into the song koizora OST , heavenly days - yui aragaki . her voice is so cute yet pure :D .

heavenly days
mune no pocket no heya
kimi no kieta nukumori wo sagasu yo
mou nido to kimi wo omou koto wa nakutemo
mada sugoshi atatakai ano hibi ni kagi wo kakete

translation :
Heavenly days
in the room in the pocket of my heart
I look for your vanished warmth
Even if there's no way to feel you ever again, ah
I'm locking up those days that are still a bit warm

oh , and to mr./ms. ?! on my tagboard , so what if im desperate ? do i need to ask you or tell you ? well , if i were desperate , i would have a boyfriend right now , and simply go get a guy . but NO , im loyal , waiting for this guy , therefore , dont call me a desperado :) .

you're completely different from last year . you changed alot . and in ur mind , im the cause of your change , but well , what did i do ? i hate it when people want to know all the secrets , i hate it when people tries to know more things than me and go tell me ? okay la i dont mind if you know , but do u have to like , err ? TELL ME ? == . i hate people who tries to dig up my secrets , and i hate people who wants to be popular for the sake of lack of attention . bah . i regretted telling you all my secrets damnit == .



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