Saturday, June 14, 2008

try too hard :D

hm , im back from mid valley :) . and im suppose to go for some electone ting , but , i guess , i dont have the ticket :\ . sigh TT .

niway , my sister performed her electone and stuffs . then went over to mph , as i was finding for koizora novel , and a place called here by cecilia ahern . then went over to madam kwan's to eat :D . we laughed like shit . AHAHHA . i realised my sister and the boyfriend talk alot when they're eating . >< . niway , after went to mph to buy my book .

yoke yin : yoke shan , hannah montana 3D goggles * on the counter *
me : OMG . YEAH . er excuse me , how do you get the goggles ?
lady : how many do u want ?
me : 4 ?
lady : ERR * gave the look *
me : nola nola , 5 .
lady : * showing the WTF look , and the " why do u need so many for ? "

and i realised i needed 6 . == . damnit . i wonder how does it works tho :D . sis boyfriend say must use projector ? hm well , can those big big tv's work like 42 inch or something ? if can , then im a lucky girl :D . well , i checked on . some of these questions might help you on your thoughts :D

2.What is so special about this 3-D concert?
By wearing the 3-D goggles while you watch the concert on your regular TV set, you will experience the 3-D effects which will give you the live concert-going experience as if you were there at the LIVE concert!

3.What is 3-D?
3-D is a visual presentation system that attempts to create an illusion of depth as seen by the viewer. So if you’re watching HANNAH MONTANA & MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT IN 3-D wearing your Disney Channel 3-D goggles, you’ll see some aspects of the movie with a 3-D illusion stand out more

4.Do I need to have a High Definition television set to watch this 3-D program on 21st June?
No. Your regular TV set will be sufficient for you to catch this program. However you will need to wear Disney Channel 3-D goggles to experience this entertaining and innovative 3- D adventure on your regular TV set with your family & friends! Be sure to sit directly in front of the TV set at a comfortable distance, turn down the lights and wear the goggles and leave them on for a while so your eyes get used to it.

12.I wasn’t able to get the goggles. Will I be able to watch this concert even if I don’t wear the goggles during the telecast?
Yes you will still be able to watch it, but the concert scenes will looks slightly blurry. If you don’t have the goggles, we suggest you tune in to the 2-D version of the show which will broadcast on Disney Channel on 22nd June (Sunday) at 7:30pm and on 28th June (Saturday) at 5.30pm (Mal/Phil) when you won’t need the 3-D goggles.

13.2-D!? What’s that?
2-D is the format that’s used for the programs you watch on TV. So if you watch the 2-D version of the concert on 22nd June (Sunday) at 7:30pm, you won’t need to use the 3-D goggles.

14.I got a little uncomfortable wearing the 3-D goggles, what do I do?

If you’re in any way uncomfortable, we suggest you tune in to the 2-D version of the concert on 22nd June (Sunday) at 7:30pm, you won’t need to use the 3-D goggles.

well people , if you dont have the goggles , its alright , u can always watch on 22nd june :D . and , those who want to get the goggles , please go to MPH which i suggest . AND YES I CAN WATCH IN 3D EFFECT :P

im done . ahahhas .



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