Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sky of love ):

its 4.30 am . and i just finished watching sky of love ( japanese movie ) . thanks to tee rachel for introducing . its seriously a damn sad movie eventho it doesnt make sense . == .

its about this girl , name mika , she's form 3 , she banged into a guy " accidentally " . and that guy is hiro . form 3 also . and suddenly mika lost her phone and hiro found it . he placed it in the library , and from that onwards , hiro kept calling her and they got very close eventually . and , one day , they met each other in school . and mika didnt quite believe it was him . but so on she did . then one day , he taught her to " ponteng school " . and she went over to his house . and they made out and so . then , one day , mika and hiro is suppose to go on a date , but mika went there like early so she waited for him . after few mins , she got kidnapped and raped . saki , hiro's ex gf , asked some guys to did it . so hiro go and revenge and bla bla bla . then , mika got pregnant . and , saki " accidentally " pushed her . therefore the baby is gone . and it was on 24 december , christmas eve . then every year they'll go to the place where they made a snowman which is their baby and give her gloves and all . suddenly , hiro wants to break up . then mika didnt wana like accept but what to do . so she met a new love , which is an university student , yu :) . and suddenly mika got the news that , hiro has cancer . so she went to see him , and that was the reason why hiro had been avoiding mika all this while . then , hiro , died one day , and she was very sad . the end .
well , this is my conclusion . but go watch , you can cry like shit . emotional people like me will cry a few buckets of tears . tough people like mei ting , will just cry at the ending . go watch go watch . its a very sweet , romantic and of cause sad movie . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .

want to know more ? visit Joann blog :D
couples picture :D . weee~XD

mika ; hiro :D . perfect couple .
so sweet :D
sky of love ; koizora :D
now im going to continue devil beside you :) . byebye :D .



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