Friday, June 13, 2008

stress - free ??

well , im sort of stressing right now . and no , sheila , im not stressing of him , damnit == . well , i just had my dinner and did my chores . seriously , doing the chores was already stress enough , and there i go people pressuring me ? i hate people being rude with me when im so not in a mood . like people saying fuck u to me when i was just asking politely ? and when i tell people something , ugh , i dont know lah == . sometimes , i just feel is better to tell people which dont hangout with me yet understands me like natalie , and mei ting and brandon chew . i just feel so weird , telling those people around me . i guess they have intention to know them & ask more questions , which i definitely dont like it unless , i consider you as my best friends lah :D . then u're perfectly exceptional . i dont like to act as tho im happy in the outside , and sad in the inside . i know i cant stay strong for a long time . maybe cause i've been counting on everyone few years back . and now , too . sometimes , i just want a guy to be right there for me when i want to talk to someone . and a guy to cheer me up when im down , and a guy to make lame jokes just to make me laugh . maybe some of you might say , you have friends wert . well , sometime friends cant do what boyfriends do . :) . im just a sad sad kid . ==



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