Thursday, June 5, 2008

i dont like you ):

hm im feeling down cause of you man . == . i dont get you why do u have to do the same thing as me ? i do this , you do also . i go find for this , you find also . i mean , SO WHAT IF YOU FIND LAH , ISIT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO FRIGGING TELL ME ? well im telling you , THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO , cause i dont CARE :\ . and , just because you want to get along with me and my other friends , you are doing something you dont like ? please . == . go get a life . just because you want to get famous , you go act like something you're not . DO YOU HAVE A LIFE AR MISS ? == . and whatever i do , you want to follow . i go talk to my friend , u also want . i go be close with this girl , you also want . wads ur f*cking problem hah ? == . and i dont like you keep doing what i do :\ . cause is so annoying you know . is like , WHAT THE FUCK whenever you're telling me u're doing this . == . cant you like go follow other people but not me ? i tell you something i told other people , you want also . did i fucking ask you ? no right ? then can u just stay far away ? you're stealing all my things . AND SO WHAT IF I GET CLOSE TO THE PERSON ? DO YOU HAVE TO FUCKING CARE ? ): . and you're ruining every minute of my life , and thats why i dont like to go with you TT .

ugh . feel much better .



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